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  • Misted double glazed units

  • Sealed Unit Replacement

  • Replacement Velux windows - all sizes

  • New Velux windows

  • Windows not closing properly

  • Triple glazing

  • Broken window gearing

  • Handles broken

  • Resealing draughty openers

  • Replacement glazing

  • Tilt and turn windows

  • Lead or Georgian sealed units

  • uPVC aluminium and wooden windows

  • Hinges, handles and locks

  • Extra security fittings


We offer the widest choice in designs and sizes of replacement double glazing units, we are the specialists when it comes to repairing, refurbishing and replacing all types of windows.

No job is too big or small; all are treated with the same care and attention from our teams of expert fitters.

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    Misted Double Glazing        


If a double glazed sealed unit has gone misty it�s likely that a fault, like a small puncture, has developed in the perimeter, and moisture is getting inside and between the two panes of glass.


As temperatures change moisture will turn into liquid, which cannot escape. When sealed units are manufactured they are not designed to be taken apart again, hence when it has failed it will need replacing.


Sealed Unit Failure

The most common cause of sealed unit failure is due to the unit not being sealed correctly during manufacture. If a unit is not fully sealed all the way round, the unit is likely to fail within a relatively short time scale, and this will be normally within a year or so.

Window & Conservatory  Repairs can replace sealed units of any age and make.



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Replacement Glazing

Window & Conservatory Repairs provide the full range of replacement windows including aluminium, uPVC, wooden and sash at very economical prices. Replacing old windows with new A - rated double glazing can have a massive effect on your heating bill and make your home more secure.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Increasing in popularity, tilt-and-turn windows can be opened inwards from the top allowing you to ventilate your home effectively or from the side for easy cleaning from within your home.

The Tilt-and-Turn window is extremely secure and ideal for accessible windows or where ventilation is needed while maintaining security. It can also be used as an effective fire escape.


Velux Windows


Window & Conservatory Repairs can replace old single glazed roof light with modern Velux windows and repair broken Velux windows.


If a Velux window is not installed properly or flashings are failing rain water can cause damage to your property. For a free no obligation quote call us on 0800 111 4608 or request online quote.


Sash Windows


Rotting sills are a common problem with old wooden sash windows. It is possible however to repair sash windows that initially look beyond repair


Paintwork failure allows water to penetrate into the timber, increasing the chances of  fungal and insect attack. Window & Conservatory Repairs can replace rotten frames or replace your old windows with new energy efficient sash windows.



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